Lethal Weapon 5 Leaked Script

Lethal Weapon 5 Leaked Script

Not name dropping or anything, but me and Shane Black are pretty god damned tight. We share everything; toothbrushes, ice cream cones, movie scripts. Since we’re such great pals, he showed me this scene from one of his upcoming projects, his triumphant return to the¬†Lethal Weapon¬†series. The studio has it under pretty tight wraps, but he is really adamant about his fans being in on the creative process, so he wanted me to “leak” this scene so you can get a taste of what’s to come. Oops, sorry I just dropped this super secret script to the hottest buddy cop flick of 2017 for all of you guys to enjoy wink wink nudge nudge.

(PS Not saying it’s gonna happen, but Shane’s pretty sure that Danny’s son Donald might be attached to the project. Fingers crossed!)

Lethal Weapon 5

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