2 Welcome 2 Weekly

2 Welcome 2 Weekly

Hey Readers,

This is definitely gonna be a week. Here at HCAD, a week is six days. It’s gonna be the six days from March twenty eighth to April second in the year two thousand sixteen, in fact.

Yesterday I got more text messages from family members before noon on a Sunday than I remember being possible. It’s like it was a holiday or something. I hope the people you care about are sending you love as well, and that if you don’t care about anyone that someone still cares about you. Like the student loan office. Or the guy who sells you whatever it is you can’t legally buy yourself (Kinder Eggs).

Since we care about you, we’re gonna give some stuff to you almost every day this week. Here it what it will probably look like in list form:

Thankfully, last week is over. Some highlights were that time I related a little bit too hard to a one dimensional character, the day nothing made sense but Donald Trump didn’t rule the world, and the time a man’s family fisherman heritage helped him survive.

If you like the things we provide for your viewing pleasure, please comment and share. Student loans don’t pay themselves. We can’t do it without your help. It’s teamwork!

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