[Movies We Haven’t Watched] Indiana Jones Raiders of the Lost Ark

[Movies We Haven’t Watched] Indiana Jones Raiders of the Lost Ark

So…I joined Dr. Walton’s class because I heard good things about his face. Like, honestly, why would I care about how to dig up old dead stuff? I’m an early childhood education major and this was an elective option, plus I heard that…sometimes Dr. Walton completely forgets about assignments because he has more important stuff to do.

So obviously I sit in the front row and pay attention and try to get an A, but like? I’m taking this because A) hot teacher and B) I heard it’s easy. Don’t tell my boyfriend I said that, I’m trying to get him tied down and if he knows I’m still looking at other men he’ll get jealous.

But anyway, I went in on the first day of class and as soon as he gave us the intro speech some dude, probably another archaeologist, barged in yelling, “Indy you gotta come check this out right now!” and so that week and the next we have a sub lecturer following the course outline on the syllabus and all but…is not Dr. Walton, which is disappointing. So like, anyway, the entire class had gotten an email saying Dr. Walton was in…Egypt? I think? Maybe Peru, now that I think about it. Anyway, so? He’s really sorry and he won’t be there for a few weeks but don’t worry about it, class will resume as scheduled for us.

Like? We weren’t worried before that, but because of his email we were all of a sudden. Honestly. If you don’t want someone to worry about something, don’t tell them not to worry about it. We literally thought he was just flaking out on us, just like one of my English professors did last semester. She only showed up for five classes. It was dreadful.

So when Dr. Walton comes back he still looks as rugged and handsome as ever, but now he’s like? Got even more scars than before. And there’s like. National guard agents protecting him. Or something. Maybe it’s the secret service. They had guns.

Why are you asking me all these questions, though? Like. You could just ask him yourself, I’m headed to office hours. If you want to know stuff couldn’t you just go see him?

Oh right ok I see how it is, well anyway, the entire story’s really weird.

So, I don’t know if i said this already, but Dr. Walton is apparently super famous. He goes by a different name when he’s actually in the field so that people he meets don’t follow him around. Weird, right? And apparently it’s all top secret and he can’t talk about it, but there’s rumors that like? A bunch of people died on his most recent dig. Juicy, right?

Here we are at Dr. Walton’s office! I hope I helped you with your school paper article, I guess? When does the next issue come out?

Ok, that sounds great! Anyway, now you can ask the man himself what’s going on if you want! Well, after I talk to him about some things about the readings for our next test. He’s a lot better at explaining things than our textbook.

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