The Project – Chapter 8

The Project – Chapter 8

Chapter 8


“Thanks for telling me about this,” AI Dyan said to Future Richard. “I’m the only one, right?”

“Yes,” Future Richard said to the tiny hologram, projecting from an outlet in the hallway. “I don’t know if I can trust anyone else with this. I don’t know for sure if I can trust you.”

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The Project – Chapter 4

The Project – Chapter 4

Chapter 4


I’m dreaming about ebony-colored horses and a triceratops feasting on the world’s largest salad. I find nothing wrong with it, other than that I am not joining in with the feast. I feel hungry, though everything around me is food. This probably means something, I think, but I continue to act according to the logic of what is presented in front of me. It disturbs me.

I see a flash across the sky, and suddenly an aurora. A man named Antepenultimatum teaches me how to overcome myself and release the witch inside of me and all beings, though I know there is nothing third-to-last about me. I am the best.

The flash across the sky turns into a human shape and floats down to meet me in the grassy plains. I greet the being of yellow energy, until it turns into Dyan Moore. Then I am more befuddled than anything.

“Guess what, Richard?” Dream Dyan asks me.

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