The Project – Chapter 8

The Project – Chapter 8

Chapter 8


“Thanks for telling me about this,” AI Dyan said to Future Richard. “I’m the only one, right?”

“Yes,” Future Richard said to the tiny hologram, projecting from an outlet in the hallway. “I don’t know if I can trust anyone else with this. I don’t know for sure if I can trust you.”

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The Project – Chapter 5

The Project – Chapter 5

Chapter 5


Richard could barely think before she felt the explosions from across the window. The stomps grew closer and closer, and she heard several bellowing roars. Dyan backed away slowly and–

The west entrance of the observatory hall exploded, The structure detached from one of its four hinges, and Richard saw a massive figure rushing to where the group of employees were standing.

It was a giant Tyrannosaurus Rex.

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The Project – Chapter 1

The Project – Chapter 1

The Project




Chapter 1


Richard Phylum had been working at the International Scientific Research Facility in Antarctica, or ISRFA, for eleven years and three months, but tonight, she was lost. She couldn’t believe she was lost in the facility where she had worked for over a decade, but she had no idea where she was, and there was nobody around to help her.

The lights were off, but it was only six at night. Richard could see nothing in the dim hallway; the displays beside her were dark, and the howling winds of the outside faintly blew through the dome’s sound barriers. She couldn’t help but think she was in some sort of strange dream, though she knew she was fully conscious.

A scrape against the floor made her jump; she turned around, only to see the heating system turning on in a nearby vent. Everything was made to look like it was powered down, and yet the facility seemed to be working at optimal capacity… Richard did not enjoy this situation one bit.

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