Sorry for no posts

Sorry for no posts

Hey people,

Sorry I haven’t posted anything yet this weekend even though I had a couple of things scheduled. It’s been kinda hectic over the past week on account of starting a new quarter, work, and the water heater in my house breaking and flooding my room. Not the most fun way to spend a week, although I did get to go to Emerald City Comic Con earlier today. I was going to try my best to write something tonight, but I have been feeling terrible ever since I got back from the convention center and I am probably dying or something. Hopefully I stop dying by the time morning and I can be rejuvenated and ready to write something stupid about John Kasich or whatever, but worst case I will find SOMETHING to post.

Goodnight and hopefully I don’t die,

[Election ‘016 035] Jim vs Jim

[Election ‘016 035] Jim vs Jim

Jim vs Jim


download JimWebb062415

Jim Webb stands, panting, surrounded by a pile of cybernetic corpses of a hundred thousand Neo-Union soldiers.

One mangled robotic body of George McClellan attempts to grab Jim’s leg and pull him back into a fight, but Jim stomps on the robot’s arm, severing it from the rest of the body. He plugs a bolt of lead into McClellan’s cybernetic head to finish him off.

His phone starts ringing in his pocket. He knows he needs to answer it. As always, Senator Lindsey Graham is the voice on the other side of the phone. That monster is always at the end of these battles, Jim has learned.

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