The Project – Chapter 6

The Project – Chapter 6

Chapter 6

“Alright, let me get this straight,” Stephen said, sitting in the middle of the ISRFA infirmary. “There are two versions of me now, and it’s all because this secret time travel project you’re working on went to shit?”

“Pretty much,” Richard said. “I had no idea about the going to shit thing until now either, though, so don’t ask me about it. Ask her.” She pointed to Dyan.

“I honestly don’t know. Future Richard is still out cold, and Future Stephen is too preoccupied with taking care of her to answer any of our questions. So I guess we’ll know in a few hours, assuming nothing goes to shit on our end.”

“Well it wouldn’t surprise me if it did,” Stephen said, standing up from his chair. “You guys are trying to play God, for what purpose? Science?”

“Yeah,” Richard said.

“Basically correct,” Dyan said.

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The Project – Chapter 5

The Project – Chapter 5

Chapter 5


Richard could barely think before she felt the explosions from across the window. The stomps grew closer and closer, and she heard several bellowing roars. Dyan backed away slowly and–

The west entrance of the observatory hall exploded, The structure detached from one of its four hinges, and Richard saw a massive figure rushing to where the group of employees were standing.

It was a giant Tyrannosaurus Rex.

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