Giving a Hearty Welcome to This Week

Giving a Hearty Welcome to This Week

There’s a week this week. And guess what happens on that week?

Come on, take a guess. Any guess will do.



What happens is…

Home Clipart Animal Deer posts!

Haha, had you worried there for a moment, didn’t I?

If you missed last week, we had some cool stuff. We had sad clipart stories about dogs, sad weekends for movies, and we dispelled with all this fiction that Marco Rubio is a boring candidate to write about. Check all that stuff out.

The next couple weeks I’m not going to make very many posts, but we are still going to have a lot of fun, you and me. Let’s tango and also read stories.

[Madoka] Kuttsukiboshi x Madoka Magica – Chapter 10

[Madoka] Kuttsukiboshi x Madoka Magica – Chapter 10

Chapter 10


“Well then, let’s get started. Talk.”

Madoka tried to clear her eyes from crying for a really long time. “Man…” she said to the other Madoka in the black hood, Shinigamidoka apparently. “I thought I was going to be crying for a week, but then it turned into a month. I thought certain people were better at keeping consistent schedules than that.”

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Moonglasses Magazine – First Issue

Moonglasses Magazine – First Issue


A few compatriots of mine have released the first issue of Moonglasses Magazine, a literary magazine that features the best in funny, strange, and experimental writing (much like HCAD itself). I really recommend you read it, because all the pieces are great.


Read the new issue of Moonglasses Magazine here!

[Clipart 046] Angry Guy with Axe

[Clipart 046] Angry Guy with Axe



Okay, so, like, here’s a really bad situation that you’re currently in. It’s possibly the worst one in your entire life. Almost certainly, to be honest. There’s an angry guy standing right in front of you, holding an axe over your head, apparently ready to swing down and lodge the weapon in your head, probably killing you in seconds depending on the weapon’s sharpness.

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[Clipart 044] Cola Mateya

[Clipart 044] Cola Mateya


(The Spiritual Counterpart to Mateya Cola.)

She was the girl of his dreams, that Mateya Cola. Every single day, she and her silver hair came to school with an explosion of energy, bringing life to the school like none other. She dressed up in gorgeous outfits, never in with uniform code, but beautiful enough that the teachers never began to care. The way she carried herself was with the utmost confidence and self-respect, never bothering to consider what others thought and always carving out a place for herself among the stars. He couldn’t bear but to look at her during class, ogling her as she stared out of the window in her seat in the back of the classroom.

He was convinced that Mateya was oblivious to his existence. She had never spoken to him, and he couldn’t recall an instance where she even made eye contact with him for a prolonged period of time. He wanted nothing more than to strike up a conversation with her, to talk to her about the weather and about how the sports teams had been doing, but there was always something preventing him from doing it. Some sort of sinister anxiety creeping up within him; he couldn’t explain it, but he could never bring myself to even get too close to her.

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[Election ‘016 047] Jim Gilmore’s Existence

[Election ‘016 047] Jim Gilmore’s Existence


Jim Gilmore’s Existence





Jim Gilmore, the one from our universe, looks out at the sea and sheds a tear. It falls off his face, past the pier, and into the bay. It ripples across the still waters. The night is black, and the moon is gone. Literally.

The Alternate Universe Jim Gilmore (AU Jim), who has entered our universe and is running for president, floats down onto the pier and places a hand on Our Universe’s Jim Gilmore (OU Jim). He does not feel remorse and is only performing the required comforting actions to attempt to soothe OU Jim’s emotions. It does not work because OU Jim knows what AU Jim is doing. He looks to AU Jim, angrily crying about how everything has failed, everything has gone to ruin, all because of you. AU Jim looks at the reader, wondering if that’s who he meant, but OU Jim clarifies, saying that none of this would have ever happened if he never arrived.

AU Jim agrees. And then he laughs.

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Welcoming Yet Another Week on HCAD

Welcoming Yet Another Week on HCAD

Home Clipart Animal Deer apparently got a lot of hits last week, especially from that John Kasich Anime story which seems to have been linked on multiple websites. Well, hopefully some of those people who read that story are going to read this week’s stories because we have some really good stuff to show you. Don’t only stay tuned for more, but constantly refresh in hopes that there’ll be a new page (or just subscribe via email).

The two serial stories on Saturday, The Project and Kuttsukiboshi x Madoka Magica, have obviously both been on a bit of a hiatus as of late. No promises, but that might change this weekend. It all depends on how much writing I can get done.

Also, don’t forget that we’re looking for another writer to join our ranks!

[Clipart 042] Music Pirate of Canada

[Clipart 042] Music Pirate of Canada


Ted Lawrence was lying on the deck of his sailboat, sprawled across a lounge chair like a damp rag and soaking in the light and gentle breeze of the uncharacteristically mild August morning. The waters of Lake Superior lapped against the hull of his ship and its twinkling plain stretched on past the horizon in every direction. His ship wasn’t much to look at, with its splotched paint and patchwork sail, and he had to empty every last cent from his savings to afford even that, but the peace of the open waves was worth any price.

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Home Clipart Animal Deer: Now Seeking New Writers

Home Clipart Animal Deer: Now Seeking New Writers

Home Clipart Animal Deer is searching for new talent! Or ability to write a bunch of dumb stories about presidential candidates and clipart. Either is acceptable to us.


We’re going to take this site to the next level in order to provide the best HCAD Experience for all of our fine readers out there. Due to many commitments from both of HCAD’s current authors, it is getting hard to maintain and improve the amount and quality (haha) of content on the site. But with your help, just maybe, we will be able to fulfill the site’s true potential and become the premier PML (Peddling of Mediocre Literature) service in the tri-state area.


If you’re interested in writing stories that would fit with the HCAD Brand®, including and especially serial fiction, or if you’re interested in contributing articles that you think should find a home here, then read on for the details:

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[Clipart 027] Matao Maika

[Clipart 027] Matao Maika


“Matao Maika, at your service,” Matao said, saluting me in the most sarcastic way possible right in the middle of the hallway. “What do ya want me to do?”

“Well first of all,” I said. “You need to fuck off. Second of all, you need to act like a decent adult and treat people how you’d like to be treated.”

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