[Election ‘016 067] John B. Anderson’s Quest

[Election ‘016 067] John B. Anderson’s Quest


John B. Anderson’s Quest



It was September 21st, 1980, and The white-haired fox John B. Anderson stood on the podium, ready for the first Presidential debate against Ronald Reagan. That man had already beaten him once, in the Republican Primary. And he would beat him again, he knew. John polled at just fifteen percent; the race was between Carter and Reagan. It was a lost cause, but not one he could abandon. He needed to use this… this terrible election with two subpar choices, with a discontent American people and an opening for a third party… an Independence Party, maybe… that could break the hold of the two-party system and free America from the political strife and corruption that had plagued the country for a decade.

The Moderator Bill Moyers approached the stage, and Ronald stepped onto his own podium. John knew it was almost time to–


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[Election ‘016 009] Are You There, Ron? It’s Me, Teddy

[Election ‘016 009] Are You There, Ron? It’s Me, Teddy


“Dammit, Eleanor, the American dream is dead!” Rafael spit at his wife and slammed his empty beer bottle on the table.

“Please, Rafael, not in front of the boy!” Eleanor grappled onto a bawling Teddy, whose American flag jammies were now damp with tears.

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