Moonglasses 2016 Clipart Story Contest

Moonglasses 2016 Clipart Story Contest


Home Clipart Animal Deer and Moonglasses Magazine have teamed up to make a cool new story contest for you to enter. Based on three clipart images provided to you, you can write your own story, submit it, and win the GRAND PRIZE of five whole dollars!

It runs from today until July 31st, so you’ve got plenty of time to make a lot of cool stuff.

Here’s the link with more information and rules and all that neat stuff.

[Election ‘016 035] Jim vs Jim

[Election ‘016 035] Jim vs Jim

Jim vs Jim


download JimWebb062415

Jim Webb stands, panting, surrounded by a pile of cybernetic corpses of a hundred thousand Neo-Union soldiers.

One mangled robotic body of George McClellan attempts to grab Jim’s leg and pull him back into a fight, but Jim stomps on the robot’s arm, severing it from the rest of the body. He plugs a bolt of lead into McClellan’s cybernetic head to finish him off.

His phone starts ringing in his pocket. He knows he needs to answer it. As always, Senator Lindsey Graham is the voice on the other side of the phone. That monster is always at the end of these battles, Jim has learned.

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The Project – Short Hiatus

The Project – Short Hiatus

For the next two weeks, “The Project” will be on hiatus so that I can help make the rest of the story even better. Sorry about that, but it will help a lot.

In the meantime, another story will replace it as the main Saturday post– a short two-part serial written by Kenny. You’ll see what it is in exactly one week.

Also in the meantime, you should comment on some of The Project chapters. Tell us what’s cool and what sucks and all that good stuff.

[Clipart 008] Cat in Flood

[Clipart 008] Cat in Flood



“Okay, imagine this,” Greg started. Liu promptly stood up from her chair, put her newspaper underneath her armpit, and walked away from him. “No wait, don’t go,” he said, following her out of the food court and into the crowded hallway.

“I do not really want to do another one of your games,” Liu said, brushing her way past people in order to get away from Greg. “Please try again some other time.”

“It’s not a game, it’s a mind exercise. It’s fun,” Greg said. He pushed past the same people and tried to keep up with her down the hallway. “What’s so bad about fun?”

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